Advertising+Design    Illustraetit international clients include Mercedes-Benz AG [Germany/Switzerland], Volkswagen AG/Deutsche Telekom AG, Sparda-Bank eV, Diebold Nixdorf AG, Miele Cie KG, Victorinox AG, Bild-Zeitung, and Henkel AG+Co KGaA among others.

Concept+App    Illustraetit international clients include Mercedes-Benz AG among others.

Concept+Architectural    Illustraetit international clients include Estée Lauder among others.

Concept+Illustration    Illustraetit international clients include Apple Computer AG [Germany/Switzerland/Austria], and Adidas AG among others.

Logo+Compositing    Illustraetit international clients include Mercedes-Benz AG/Stadtkellerei AG [Switzerland], and Schweizerische Bundesbahnen [SBB] - Chemins De Fer Fédéraux Suisses [CFF] - Ferrovie Federali Svizzere [FFS] among others.

Food+Beverage    Illustraetit international clients include Coca Cola AG, Ritter Sport GmbH Co KG, Milka/Mondelēz International, Barilla SpA "Contenitore" [3D printer generated pasta], Wodka Gorbatschow/Oetker-Gruppe KG, and Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei among others.

Visualization+Innogy SE/RWE AG    Illustraetit also specializes in 2D+3D CGI product/idea/invention visualization. The following projects were designed for Innogy SE/RWE AG/Jovoto "Think off the Grid" in 2018.

Visualization+3D    Illustraetit completed 3D CGI projects for clients such as Desall/CoffeeLeaderCompany [Roncade Treviso/Italy], and Imagina [Monte-Carlo/Monaco].

Visualization+Sparda-Bank eV    Illustraetit also specializes in 2D+3D CGI product and furniture design visualization. The following furniture projects were designed for Sparda-Bank eV/Jovoto in 2017.

Editorial    Illustraetit client Mercedes-Benz AG/Jovoto "Venturlux" writing, creative direction, art direction, and advertising design, for Mercedes-Benz AG "Destination Tomorrow" competition in Berlin/Germany 2016.

Editorial+WIRED Magazine    Illustraetit client WIRED Magazine/Jovoto includes 2017 magazine cover art creative direction and concept. [Human intelligence plus robot = Hubot].

Film+Deutsche Bank AG    Illustraetit film clients include Deutsche Bank AG/Jovoto sponsored film treatment "ORB - The Digital Leader"; and film poster/storyboard design for "Follow The Leader"/"Future Of Banking" competition in Berlin/Germany 2016.

Film+Tobis Film GmbH Co KG    Logo design for Tobis Film GmbH Co KG/Jovoto "Let The Film Begin" competition in Berlin/Germany in 2015.

Film+REWE Zentral AG    "REWE Ausbildung [Ausbildungsvideo]" 2D Video with individually illustrated [CEL] frames were required at 25fps [PAL] for the 30 minute video. 2D animation "dailies", line-tests, and storyboards were included in the project.

Press+Museum    Illustraetit has received press coverage from the international CGI and film industry, film festivals; and for museum installations. Countries such as the USA, Monaco, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Russia, and others are represented.

Press+Festival    Illustraetit at Imagina Film Festival in Monte-Carlo/Monaco 2010 [2011, 2012] "Aeroamphibious Rescue Quadrate" [Industry Category] nominated for Best Simulation in Real Time. Imagina 2010 film entries/competitors included "Up" [Pixar], "Watchmen" [Warner Bros.], "Where The Wild Things Are" [directed by Spike Jonze] [Warner Bros. France], and "Corporate Industry" [Audemars Piguet]. In 2013-2014 XIV International Film Festival [Narodni Museum Belgrade] in Belgrade/Serbia Narodni Muzej. Imagina 2010-2012 [Monte-Carlo/Monaco] "Aeroamphibious Rescue Quadrate" [Industry Category] nominated for "Best Simulation in Real Time" [below].

Communication    Immersive Universes: The New Actuality" [February 8 2012] at Imagina in Monte-Carlo/Monaco Speaker - Alan J. Bullock at Imagina at the Grimaldi Forum "The multisensory approaches to immersive universes and 3D" 16:30 -18:30 - 07 - 08.02.2012
Sponsored by SmartSystem

MeetInnov 2012 Workshop in Paris-Orly/France Speaker - Alan J. Bullock at "Information Technology and Creative/Industries créatives" [12h - 12h45 - November 22 2012]
Sponsored by Conseil général du Val-de-Marne [below]

Company+Clients    1987-1993 [Beverly Hills ca/usa] Chiat/Day Advertising, Wexler/Shalek Advertising, Jon Byk Advertising, Scali/McCabe/Sloves Advertising, Larsen/Colby/Koralek Advertising, Avant Garde Advertising, Adweek Magazine/Adcenter, Breuner's Furniture, Keyes Automobiles, Empire Automobiles, Wondries Automobiles, Southwestern University School Of Law, Quarterdeck Software, Stats Floral Supplies, Stroh Brewery Corporation, Mondrian Hotel, Herb Ritts, The Flower Shop, Capitol Records, Annex Records, Crain's Records, Fortune Star Records, BET, Plitt's Century Plaza Theaters, Gordy/Jackson, The Wallstreet Journal

German production companies, festivals and institutes [Deutsche Produktionsfirmen, Festivals und Institute] courtesy of Wikipedia

Clients 1993-2012 [Köln-Rodenkirchen de/eu]
DaimlerChrysler AG, Schwarzkopf/Henkel GmbH, Hasseröder Fußball NRW-Cup, Höchst AG, CompuKöln, Eugen Bosch GmbH, Klütsch GmbH, BASF SE, Hoechst AG, Bonita's Bananas [shown in Max Werbebuch 1996/97], Mainz City Hilton, Ford Autoteam 39 Magazine, Infoware GmbH, REWE Zentral AG Euro 1999+Ausbildung [2D+3D videos], HRS GmbH, Beitraining GmbH, Eyecatcher, Barilla GmbH, Becker GmbH, Apple Computer 1998 Roadshow/iMac Tour in Germany/Switzerland/Austria, Deubner Verlag GmbH, Coca Cola AG

Filmography 1993-2012 [International de/eu]
REWE Zentral AG Euro 1999 Storyboard [1999] 3D Animation Video
REWE Zentral AG Ausbildung [1999] 2D Animation Video
Werkstatt [2002] 2D Animation Documentary
The Pyramid Key [2004] 3D CGI Short Film voted 2nd Place online IFS "Madeformobile" [Animation Category] [2008]
Khemet [2008] Documentary
Aeroamphibious Rescue Quadrate [ARQ] [2010] 3D CGI Visualization
Renewable Aquatics [RA] [2011] 3D CGI Visualization
Brahmastra [2011] Documentary
Sirius [2012] Documentary
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb

Film Festivals 1993-2012 [International de/eu]
INDEX Award Nominee 2012 which is under the patronage of HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark
Imagina in Monte-Carlo/Monaco "Aeroamphibious Rescue Quadrate" [Industry Category] nominated for Best Simulation in Real Time
Rassegna Museo Civico di Rovereto in Italy "Khemet" documentary received Participation Certificate
Madeformobile in Köln/Germany "The Pyramid Key" voted 2nd Place online [Animation Category]
Bimini Festival in Latvia, Anima 09 in Córdoba/Argentina, Animarte in USA, Hida 4th International in Japan, Monstramundo in Brazil

Film Festivals+Openings+Events 2011-2012 [International de/eu]
"Renewable Aquatics [RA]" at LINOLEUM/Central House of Journalists/Dome+Proekt Fabrik in Moscow/Russia
"Brahmastra" [Documentary Film Premiere] at Museo Civico di Rovereto in Rovereto/Italy
Designboom "Moleskinerie Logo Competition" for Moleskine SpA in Milan/Italy
Speaker at "Immersive Universes: The New Actuality" [February 8 2012] at Imagina in Monte-Carlo/Monaco
"Sirius" [Documentary Film Premiere] at Museo Civico di Rovereto in Rovereto/Italy
Speaker at MeetInnov 2012 Workshop "Information Technology and Creative/Industries créatives" in Paris-Orly/France

Clients Film 2013-2016 [Köln-Rodenkirchen de/eu]
Narodni Muzej Beograd [Narodni Museum Belgrade] Belgrade/Serbia

Clients Architectural+Industrial 2013-2016 [International de/eu]
Visualization of Mulberry Banqueting Complex in London/UK 2013
Sponsored by DCreative Ltd

Filmography 2014-2016 [International de/eu]
Terrarium [2014] Documentary
Mfkzt [2016] Documentary
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb

Architectural+Industrial 2013-2015 [Middle East sa/kosa]
Visualization of 46 building construction project in Saudi Arabia 2013
Sponsored by Inventions4u

Product+Industrial+Design 2013-2015 [International de/eu]
Logo Design for "European Conference on Karst Hydrogeology"
contest [Neuchâtel/Switzerland+Besançon/France] 2014
Sponsored by H2Karst

Architectural+Industrial+Logo 2015-2017 [International de/eu]
"NTV Logo Competition" for NTV Media Group Ltd [Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia] 2015
"Illuentry" Logo Design for Cellar Masters Maldives [Maldives/Republic Of Maldives] 2016
Aerospace Engineering Institute [AEI] logo design [Double Bay/Australia] 2017
Visualization of NDA interior/exterior [Kerpen/Germany] 2017
Sponsored by Freelancer

Product+Industrial+Design Desall SpA 2015-2017 [Roncade Treviso/Italy/eu]
"Illucoffee" industrial design for "The Coffee Machine Competition" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
"Illulamp" industrial design for Leroy Merlin Italia Srl "Light On and Take Care" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
Product design for NDA Client contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
"Illuchair" product design for "Emerging Talent Award" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
"Illulounge" furniture design for Widiba Bank "No Ordinary Vision" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
Product design for FoodCompany "Game For Breakfast" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2015
"Contenitore" [3D printer generated pasta] product design for Barilla SpA "Smart Pasta" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2017
"Illuel" interior design for Estée Lauder "Night Time Is The Right Time" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2017
"Illudulcop" package design for Dulcop International SpA "One Piece for Dulcop Bubbles" contest [Roncade Treviso/Italy] 2017
Sponsored by Desall

Product+Industrial+Design Jovoto GmbH 2016-2017 [Berlin/Germany/eu]
"Let The Film Begin!" communication concept for Tobis Film GmbH Co KG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Destination Tomorrow" service design/innovation for Mercedes-Benz AG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Your Swiss Army Knife" graphic design for Victorinox AG 2017 [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Follow the Leader" editorial for Deutsche Bank "Future Leadership" [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Think Outside the Lunchbox" innovation for Adidas AG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Connected Products" campaign for Coca-Cola AG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Chocolate is in the Air" graphic design for Ritter Sport GmbH Co KG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Next Gen ATM" product design for Diebold Nixdorf AG [Berlin/Germany] 2016
"Syoss Toss" Recycling concept for Henkel AG+Co KGaA [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Mark the Bench" industrial design for Sparda-Bank [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Mystic Ice World" packaging design for Wodka Gorbatschow/Oetker-Gruppe KG [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Looking ForeWork" editorial design for WIRED/The ForeWork Initiative [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"POD" industrial design for Volkswagen AG/Deutsche Telekom AG [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Milka Millionaire" POP concept for Milka/Mondelēz International [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Wind-up Washer" product design for Miele Cie KG "Washful Thinking" [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Illudispenser" POP concept for Bild-Zeitung [Berlin/Germany] 2017
"Massagex" product design for Schweizerische Bundesbahnen [SBB] - Chemins De Fer Fédéraux Suisses [CFF] - Ferrovie Federali Svizzere [FFS] [Berlin/Germany] 2017
Financial+Real Estate concept for NDA Client [Berlin/Germany] 2017 "Create your own tradition" packaging design for Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"WET - Wireless Electric Tapwater" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"ACE - Assisted Clockwork Electricity" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"AMP - Adversarial Magnetic Power" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"CAR - Chargeable Automobile Retrofit" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"WATT - Water Assisted Turbine Tank" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"TOP - Tectonic Oppositional Power" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"MAP - Machine Assisted Perpetuality" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"RA - Renewable Aquatics" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"IVY - Immense Vegetable Yield" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
"RAM - Resonance Acoustic Modifier" energy concept for Innogy/RWE AG [Berlin/Germany] 2018
Sponsored by Jovoto

English Conversation    Illustraetit offers informal English conversation which is applicable in a social or recreational context. Discussion topics can include music, art, pop culture, etc. Formal English is applicable in a professional or business context. Discussion topics include: technology, science, politics, etc. In addition to conversation, each one-hour session includes: reading, vocabulary, and interactive discussion. Make an appointment today. Group, monthly, and special rates are also available upon request. Please schedule your appointment one week in advance. Travel with the Tram 16 [KVB] in the direction of Köln-Süd to the Rodenkirchen Bahnhof to a convenient location 5 minutes from the Rhein.

Contact    Comprehensive international CGI and multimedia services/Visualization+Simulation [Aerospace/Aeronautical/Nautical/Architectural/Industrial/Robotics/R+D/Products/ 2D+3D Animation/Art Direction/Storyboard/Identity/Illustration/Digital Music/and English] with an emphasis on environmentally safe practices, new energies, technology, and renewability, advancement provides opportunity. Innovation is generally preceded by creative vision. Illustraetit client services include 2D+3D visualization/animation/still/[CGI/CEL/GIF] 240p to HD format, .GIF/.JPG/.mov/.avi/.mp4 [+H.264]/240p to HD format, design/concept, art direction, storyboards, digital music, and English Conversation.

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